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Tour the Kalinago Barana Autê

The kalinago cultural village by the sea

The Kalinago Barana Autê offers a unique experience, sharing history and traditions of the Kalinago people (caribs) from hundreds of years ago. It is located along the banks of the Crayfish-River near the Isukulati Falls in the Carib Territory of Dominica. The site consists of a reception center, snack bar and gift shop. To begin your tour, a footbridge crosses the river and gives way to a circular trail leading to a series of small huts throughout the village. There is a Karbet which is used for cultural and theatrical performances. Kalinago (carib) traditional activities at the village include canoe building, cassava processing, basket weaving and herb collection and preparation. The kalinagos (caribs) are the indigenous people of Dominica. Full Story

Carib Territory

Dominica was the name given to 289.8 sq. miles of land, by Christopher Columbus, when he landed on the island on November 3 rd 1493. On the north eastern side of this beautiful tropical rainforest island is set aside 3782.03 acres of land known as Carib –Territory. It is situated between two villages, Atkinson to the North and Castle Bruce to the South. It is the home of approximately 2208 Kalinagos, the remaining survivors of the first inhabitants of the island. The people call the island Waitukubuli (tall is her body), and they call themselves Kalinagos. The Europeans called them Caribs.